Tyler Felgenhauer

Tyler’s research focuses on understanding climate change and the options for responding as an integrated system, drawing on systems analysis, modeling, decision analysis, and other methods of public policy analysis. These approaches have been applied to exploring different optimal portfolios of mitigation and adaptation, policy options in the face of limited adaptation capacity, and water-energy system dynamics. This work has been published in Climatic Change, Global Environmental Change, and Environmental Science & Policy, among other places. Current research projects are investigating how real options analysis can be applied to policy decisions on geoengineering, and how trading on climate change damages and risk can be better understood by looking at the reinsurance industry. Much of this work includes an international theme, and he has earlier work experience in multiple countries. Tyler holds a Masters in Public and International Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, and a B.A. in Government from Cornell University. 

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  • Email Address: tyler.felgenhauer@duke.edu